For the terms of this agreement, Awesome Registered Agent LLC will be referred to as “ARA”.

Throughout the extent of this service agreement, services and descriptions of services relate to Clients only in regards to specific services that any Client has purchases from ARA. If the Client has not purchased a particular service, then the conditions of that service do not apply to the Client.

Client Information

All Client information collected by ARA—verbal, electronic, or stored in a Client Account—is used purely for the lawful pursuit of ARA business and the services provided by ARA. ARA does not use Client information for any other reason.

Client information is never repackaged, sold, or resold to any third party by ARA for any reason. ARA does not release Client information to any third-party unless obligated to do so by a legal court order.

Constituting Advice

As part of its lawful business, ARA provides informed opinions on its website and through its employees regarding the formation of Wyoming businesses and Wyoming registered agent services. This information is not legal advice and should not be construed as constituting legal advice in any way, shape or form.

Nor is ARA a certified tax professional service. Information gleaned from ARA is not to constitute in any manner tax advice.

When hiring ARA, the Client agrees that information provided by ARA is not legal or tax advice.

Providing Accurate Information

When hiring ARA for any service, the Client agrees to provide ARA with any and all information necessary for ARA to fulfill its duties on behalf of the Client. The Client agrees that all information provided is accurate, legitimate and not falsified in any manner.

If inaccurate, illegitimate, or falsified information is provided by the Client to ARA, then ARA reserves the right to cancel service immediately.

Acceptance of Service of Process

When ARA is hired by the Client, ARA agrees to accept service of process and official business documents on behalf of the Client in the State of Wyoming. ARA’s statutory representation services are limited to the receipt and forwarding of those items covered under Wyoming state statutes and no other.

ARA is under no obligation to accept or forward mail that is not covered under Wyoming state statutes.

When hiring ARA for registered agent service, ARA agrees to accept service of process and official business documents and upload these items into the Client’s Account. ARA agrees to notify by electronic email the Client that documents have been uploaded and are ready for viewing.

When hiring ARA, the Client agrees that it is the obligation of the Client to ensure that electronic email notifications may be properly received by the Client. The Client agrees that if the Client’s email system blocks notifications or filters notifications in any way that makes it possible for the Client to not readily receive notifications from ARA, then the fault lies with the Client, and ARA may not be held liable for any actions taken against the Client because notifications were not received in a timely manner. The Client agrees that ARA cannot, in these situations, be held responsible for the Client not receiving proper notification.

Use of Commercial Address

In hiring ARA, the Client agrees not to use ARA’s commercial address in any way accept as advised and consented by ARA. The Client may not list ARA’s commercial address as their own business address, except on state filing documents which ARA has filed and approved.

Should the Client use ARA’s commercial address in a manner not in agreement with the above, ARA reserves the right to cancel service with the Client immediately, and assess monetary penalties in any amount ARA deems necessary.

ARA Not Responsible for Illegal Actions of Client

Though ARA accepts service of process and legal notifications on behalf of the Client, the Client agrees that the Client is an independent party unaffiliated with ARA, and that ARA is in no way, shape or form responsible for any illegal, immoral or indecent actions of the Client arising out of the use of ARA’s services.

Financial Liabilities

In hiring ARA, the Client agrees that ARA is financially liable in all aspects only to the fees paid to ARA for service.

ARA does not guarantee or warranty that its services are complete and error free. Errors on behalf of ARA—such as typographical errors made in state filings—will be corrected by ARA at the expense of ARA. Such errors do not override or change in any way the liability disclaimers in this service agreement.

Change of Information

When hiring ARA, the Client agrees that it is the responsibility of the Client to update ARA of any changes of information vital to ARA to fulfill its obligations stated within this service agreement. If changes to this information occur—such as address changes, or alterations to persons authorized to receive notifications from ARA—the Client agrees that the Client will inform ARA of the changes in a timely manner.

If the Client fails to ensure ARA is aware of pertinent information changes, then the Client agrees that ARA cannot be held responsible in any fashion for any subsequent legal action taken against the Client, loss of Client business, or any actions taken against the Client by the State of Wyoming or its various agencies or statutory officials that arise from this information not being properly conveyed to ARA.


If ARA is hired for service, the Client agrees to be billed annually for charges stated on the ARA website. ARA agrees that charges will not be automatically collected on an annual basis, but rather that ARA will send to the Client a renewal notice with the option for continuing service or canceling service.

The Client agrees that if service is not canceled by the Client, either in writing or by contacting ARA, then ARA may continue to charge annual fees to the Client indefinitely and may seek collection of these fees until the Client pays all fees owed to ARA.

The Client further agrees that the method of payment offered by the Client in payment for services has sufficient funds to cover all charges. When ARA is hired by the Client, ARA reserves the right to levy fees as deemed necessary to cover any charges for insufficient funds, regardless of method of payment. The Client agrees that any and all fees levied by ARA regarding such insufficient fees are valid and further agrees to pay all such fees promptly.

Changes to Service Agreement

ARA reserves the right to alter this service agreement at any time without notification to any current or future Client.

Monthly Auto-Pay Election

ARA LLC allows you to opt for an annual automatic payment feature for our Business Compliance and Registered Agent Services. Customers enrolling in our Virtual Office services must enroll in monthly automatic payments. All users that opt-in for auto-payment must provide ARA LLC with valid and updated credit card information and when doing so authorize ARA LLC to charge such credit card for all purchased services and applicable fees that come about during the duration of all initial service terms, and any following renewal term(s).

Specifics Regarding Auto-Pay Features

  • All auto-payments will be charged to the credit/debit card on file for the business entity or person. It is the responsibility of the user to keep their card information current and valid or possibly be subject the stipulations outlined below.
  • All auto-payment charges will be preceded by a notification to your online account notifying the user of the impending charge at least 3 days before the charge date.
  • Annual renewals will be automatically charged for one year after the initial charge date unless services are canceled or Auto-pay is opted out of within five days of the next charge date.
  • Virtual Office subscribers must use our auto-payment feature and all accounts will be charged every 30 days following the initial charge.
  • All Auto-Payments services must be canceled at least 3 days before the next charge date to avoid paying for the next month of subscription service, or year of annual service. All cancellations are handled through the user’s online account for security purposes.
  • Annual auto-pay charges that fail to process will be rendered an unpaid invoice in the user’s online account and subject to all fees and procedures outlined in this agreement.
  •  Subscription or monthly auto-pay charges that fail to process will result in the cancellation of all Virtual Office services and features.