Why Incorporate in Wyoming?
Because it’s Awesome!

There’s no other way to describe it: Wyoming is AWESOME! We have the mountains, the rivers, the buffalo, and the best business climate in the country. Our taxes are low and our liability statutes are strong. Want to know something that’s even more awe inspiring? You can incorporate your business in Wyoming for only $240! Yep, we know, it’s awesome!

Awesome Wyoming Incorporation for $240

When you start a corporation in Wyoming with us, it’s pretty simple:

  1. You sign up here on our website and pay us $240.
  2. We’ll file your incorporation documents (called Articles of Incorporation) with the Wyoming Secretary of State and serve as your Wyoming registered agent for one year. Additionally, we’ll also provide you with corporate bylaws, stock certificates, and initial resolutions for your Wyoming corporation.
  3. We give you access to your online account where you’ll receive annual report reminders and any documents we receive on your corporation’s behalf. From your online account, you can also begin tracking your Wyoming corporation’s status.
  4. After one year, we’ll charge you an additional $40 for another year of Wyoming corporation registered agent service. If you don’t want us to continue being your registered agent, you can cancel at any time. But probably you won’t because we’re awesome and we only charge $40 a year.

Like we said, it’s pretty simple!

Why Incorporating in Wyoming is Awesome

  1. No State Corporate Taxes
    That’s right. Wyoming doesn’t have a corporate tax rate, so corporations in Wyoming have less taxes to pay, making it easier for corporations to not only survive—businesses thrive in Wyoming. What’s also awesome is that Wyoming has no inventory tax, no gross receipt tax, no personal income tax, and few other taxes that bog corporations down in other states.
  2. Awesome Limited Liability
    Wyoming has some of the strongest limited liability laws in the country. Officers and directors of Wyoming corporations, unless someone broke the law, cannot personally be held liable for the corporations debts.
  3. Awesome Options
    If your corporation will remain small, closely-held (example: if the corporation is family-owned and operated) and you want to avoid the typical corporation formalities like resolutions and required shareholder and directors meetings, Wyoming is the only state that offers corporations the option of forming a close corporation (if you haven’t noticed, Wyoming isn’t a big fan of corporate regulations).
  4. Awesome Annual Fees
    Wyoming does require corporations to file an annual report, but for most corporations, it’s only a flat $60 and you can file the annual report online. For Wyoming corporations with more than $300,000 dollars in assets, the annual report fee is $.002 for every $1 of assets. The upside of this is that the corporation is only required to pay the annual fee on assets located in Wyoming. Out-of-state assets don’t count.
  5. Awesome Privacy
    Unlike Wyoming LLCs, the ownership information of Wyoming corporations can’t remain completely private, as the name of at least one director or officer must be included on the corporation’s annual report; however, Wyoming Articles of Incorporation don’t require the names or addresses of the officers and directors. Also, if the corporation does own more than $300,000 worth of assets in Wyoming, it must list those assets on the annual report, but only the assets in Wyoming. Assets elsewhere are not included. That’s awesome.

Wyoming Incorporation Benefits

When you hire Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC to complete your Wyoming incorporation, you can rest assured you’re doing the smart thing. Why? Well, the top reason is because we’re awesome, but if you’re looking for solid logic, look at this:

For the Awesome Price of $240, you get:

  • Fast Wyoming Filing—when you order a Wyoming corporation, we’ll file your Articles of Incorporation and have your business incorporated in 24 hours.
  • Use of Our Address—you can use our address on your filings to keep your address private.
  • Legal Documents—when you incorporate in Wyoming with us, we’ll provide you with custom-crafted Articles of Incorporation, corporate bylaws, stock certificates, initial resolutions, and the awesomest service in Wyoming.
  • One Year of Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent Service—the first year is included in the incorporation fee, each additional year you use us as your registered agent, you only pay $40.
  • Secure Online Account—when you sign up online, you’ll be given access to your online account where you’ll be able to track the status of your Wyoming corporation, receive any service of process or official documents we accept on behalf of your business, and receive annual report reminders.
  • Immediate Web Presence for Your Business—We strive to do it all for our clients. That means going beyond filing some papers. So we include your own web domain free for a year. You also get 90 days free of your own email address at that domain, your own website with SSL, and your own WY phone number. Everything to build your company’s profile image. You pay nothing additional upfront, you can cancel at any time, and we never sell your data.
  • Additional Business Services—you’ll have the option to add additional services inside your secure online account, like our Trade Name service, which includes registering a DBA with the Wyoming Secretary of State for $225.

If you’ve looked at other incorporation services and then look at ours, you may be wondering where’s the catch. This is the rare instance in life where there isn’t one. We’re Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC and all the other incorporation services out there are not. When we say we’re awesome, we mean it!

Registered Agent $40 Best Price Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started
Corporation $240 No State Corporate Taxes Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started
LLC $240 Asset Protection Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started