Wyoming LLCs for $240?
That’s Awesome!

Here’s the Deal with Wyoming LLCs:

You pay us $240 and we’ll form your Wyoming LLC and provide you with a year of Wyoming registered agent service. That’s it! You get an LLC in Wyoming, and we get you as a registered agent client for a year. After we form your Wyoming LLC, you’re free to change agents, but really, why would you? We only charge $40 a year to be your Wyoming registered agent and we provide awesome service.

Awesome Wyoming LLC Cost Breakdown

  1. $100 Wyoming LLC Filing Fee
    This is the fee the Wyoming Secretary of State charges to file LLC formation documents (called Articles of Organization). This fee cannot be discounted; it’s just what it costs to form an LLC in Wyoming, no matter how awesome you are.
  2. $100 LLC Service Fee
    We charge $100 for the time it takes us to complete your Wyoming LLC filing. You sign up online, we take it from there to craft custom Wyoming Articles of Organization, file them with the secretary of state, provide you with the following:

      1. A Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement (If this seems insignificant, it isn’t. Most incorporation firms charge between $15 and $30 for this document alone.)
        Membership Certificates
      • Initial Resolutions
      • Awesome Service
  3. $40 Wyoming Registered Agent Service
    Included with every LLC we form, we provide one year of Wyoming registered agent service. At the end of the year, we will charge you another $40 for another year of awesome Wyoming registered agent service. You can, however, cancel our registered agent service at any time and we’ll stop being your registered agent. But why would you want to do that? We’re awesome and we’re cheap, and because we’re cheap, we’re awesome. Or at least that’s our logic.

So, for a grand total:  $240 is the price for an Awesome Wyoming LLC. We even throw in a web domain free for a year, plus your own website, SSL security for that site, email address linked to your domain, and a local business phone number with service for 90 days free. Why? Because it kickstarts your business going online and reaching a global audience. No additional upfront cost, and you can cancel anytime. Awesome, right?

Once you have your LLC up and running, you’ll also have the option to choose from additional business services we offer our clients. Interested in conducting business under a different name, but don’t want to create a new LLC? Sign up for our Trade Name Service inside your client account. For $225, we’ll register your trade name, also known as a DBA, with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Top Five Reasons to Start a Wyoming LLC

  1. Awesome Asset Protection
    In 1977, Wyoming became the first state to offer the Limited Liability Company (LLC) as a business entity option. Our state was way ahead of its time. It took the IRS almost 20 years to make adjustments to the tax code to accommodate the Wyoming LLC. Now, the LLC is the most common type of new business entity. But not all LLCs are the same. The State of Wyoming, with its business-minded foresight, created the pinnacle LLC asset protection in country. The Wyoming LLC Act is the country’s only statute that clearly states that a debtor’s only remedy, even for a single-member Wyoming LLC, is a charging order, which isn’t easy to come by. In other states, single-member LLCs aren’t protected nearly as well.
  2. Awesome Privacy
    Wyoming’s LLC Articles of Organization don’t require members to list their personal information. That means your personal details wont’ be published on public documents, and scammers and solicitors won’t be able to scrape your data off the the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website. To ensure your information is kept private, you’ll need to hire a Wyoming registered agent, so you can use their address on the formation documents. And guess what? We’re an awesome Wyoming registered agent.
  3. Awesome Tax Rates
    Wyoming has no personal income taxes, no inheritance or estate taxes, no out-of-state retirement taxes, and no intangible asset taxes on things like stocks and bonds.
  4. Awesome LLC Maintenance 
    Wyoming LLCs do have annual reports that need to be filed annually by the first day of the LLC’s formation anniversary month, but it’s only $60 (unless your LLC has more that $300,000 in assets, then the report costs $.002 per every $1 of assets). States like Nevada charge hundreds. Plus, Wyoming LLC annual reports can be filed online in just a few minutes. Wyoming LLCs are awesomely low maintenance.
  5. Awesome Options
    To start and operate a Wyoming LLC, you do not need to be a Wyoming resident. You can live anywhere in the world and operate as a Wyoming LLC. That’s why non-US citizens and foreign nationals love Wyoming. Even if you don’t live in Wyoming, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Wyoming LLC. That’s awesome!

Start a Wyoming LLC Today!

The undeniable truth is this: Wyoming is awesome and Wyoming LLCs are even awesomer. We charge $240 to form your Wyoming LLC and provide you with a year of registered agent service. If you’ve decided to start an LLC in Wyoming, there are no scenarios in which it doesn’t make sense to hire us to do it for you—our prices are fantastic and we’re awesome! If you’re skeptical, look around at the rest, then come back and hire the awesomest!

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