How Do We Inspire Awe?

Find the word “awesome” in a dictionary and you’ll see this definition: “something that inspires awe.” A Wyoming registered agent that inspires awe? At $40 a year, that’s us! Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC, the cheapest registered agent in Wyoming!

Fulfilling a Wyoming business entity’s statutory registered agent requirement in a way that inspires awe isn’t easy, but no one ever said being awesome would be. To be awesome in this business, we think you need to make clients happy. Here’s how we do that:

We Only Charge $40 a Year for Wyoming Registered Agent Service

There’s no catch, and we aren’t selling low so we can charge you more next year. We’re the discount registered agent in Wyoming. Our Wyoming registered agent service is just a single fee of $40 a year. As your Wyoming registered agent, we’ll accept all service of process and all official mail on your business’ behalf, and forward any notifications to you fast. That’s awesome!

Secure, Online Accounts

When you hire Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent, you’ll receive your own online account where you can track your business’ status. Every service of process or notice we receive from the great State of Wyoming will be uploaded to your account soon after we receive it. You’ll also be able to view all your business’ documents anytime and we’ll send you annual report reminders when they’re due. That’s awesome!

Clients Use Our Address

One of the best features of Wyoming LLCs is that you can keep your personal information off public records so you don’t get a ton of mail spam and scammers scraping your information off public documents. But to take advantage of this Wyoming feature, you need a registered agent in Wyoming who will let you use their address on all your LLC’s formation documents, and many Wyoming registered agents won’t let you. But guess what? Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC does. That’s awesome!

Build Your Brand Today

We provide you everything to set up your business profile today: Your own web domain with an email address at that domain, your own website with SSL, and your own phone number at the WY area code of your choice, calls and texts easily forwarded to your device using our iOS or Android app. Everything to cultivate your company's profile image. You pay nothing additional upfront, and you can cancel at any time. And guess what? Your data is never sold. That's awesome!

If you’re shopping for a registered agent in Wyoming, you’ve probably already seen the rest, so stop looking and hire an awesome agent! We’re an experienced, inexpensive Wyoming registered agent ready to help your business be successful.

Are You Ready to Saddle Up?

What is a Wyoming Registered Agent?

A Wyoming registered agent is a person or business that will accept service of process and official mail on your business’ behalf and forward that notice or mail to you. Wyoming registered agents are initially appointed on your business’ formation documents.

Why are Businesses Required to Appoint Registered Agents?

Registered agents are required so a business can’t hide lawsuit or unknowingly have court proceedings move against them without being notified first.

Best Price, Awesome Service

In Wyoming, you’ll find a wide range of prices for registered agent service. These services typically range from cheap to crazy expensive. What’s the difference in service? Not much. If you’re paying a lot for registered agent service in Wyoming, you’re likely paying for a national service. We only offer service in Wyoming (it’s our specialty), and we’re an awesome discount registered agent in Wyoming.

Sick of Your Wyoming Registered Agent? Change to Us, We’re Awesome!

How to Change Registered Agents in Wyoming

  1. Hire a New Registered Agent
    Get your new registered agent first, as the new agent info will be required on the change form. You can hire Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC for only $40 a year.
  2. Submit the Statement of Change by Business Entity form
    When you hire us, we will submit the Statement of Change form to the Wyoming Secretary of State. There’s nothing for you to file!
  3. Complete Address Changes
    If you’ve used your previous registered agent’s address for bank accounts, business cards or whatnot, you’ll need to make those changes as soon as possible.

That’s it! Changing registered agents in Wyoming is simple. Hopefully, switching to us will save you money each year—we think that’s awesome!

Wyoming Registered Agent Requirements

Wyoming is an awesome state for doing business. After all, it’s the state that first introduced our nation’s aweseomest business entity: the Limited Liability Company (LLC). However, there are a few Wyoming registered agent requirements that even some of our state’s commercial registered agents seem to be unaware of. Take a look:

  1. Physical Location
    Each Wyoming registered agent must have a physical location where they can accept service of process and official documents on behalf of the businesses they represent. This physical location is referred to in Wyoming laws as a registered office. Basically, this requirement means the registered agent can’t use a P.O. box as their registered office in Wyoming.
  2. Must Be a Legal Adult
    If a registered agent in Wyoming is an individual, they must be at least 18 years old to be appointed as one. So, if you were thinking about hiring a minor to accept service of process on your business’ behalf, forget about it. ?
  3. Register as a Wyoming Commercial Registered Agent
    If a registered agent is appointed as a registered agent in Wyoming by 10 or more Wyoming companies, they must register as a commercial registered agent. To do this, they simply fill out a form with the Wyoming Secretary of State and pay a fee. Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent LLC is, of course, a commercial registered agent in Wyoming.
  4. Maintain Entity Contact Information
    This is where Wyoming really separates itself from other states’ requirements. According to W.S.17-28-107, Wyoming registered agents are required to maintain at their registered office all of the following:  a) Names and addresses of each business’ directors, officers, managers, managing partners,  or trustees; b) the name, address and business telephone number of each business’ communications contact who is authorized to communicate with the registered agent; c) a written copy of the agreement between the registered agent and a natural person with respect to accepting service of process on behalf of each business entity represented by the registered agent. Whew! That’s a lot of information, but it’s basically Wyoming’s way of tracking business ownership. If registered agents don’t track all this information, they could face massive fines. 
  5. Consent Form
    Registered agent clients must submit a consent form, signed by their registered agent, when submitting LLC or corporation formation documents (Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation) to the Secretary of State. When you hire us, we’ll mail a consent form to you the next day. The form has to be signed in ink. If you need it fast, we can overnight it to you if you pay the postage (Why? Because we’re awesome!). The only exception is for domestic LLCs, which are formed online instantly! No consent form needed!

How Did We Become the Cheapest Wyoming Registered Agent?

Honestly, when we thought about what would make people searching for a Wyoming registered agent the happiest the answer was pretty simple: good service at a great price. So, we made some calculations, figured out what the bare minimum we could charge and stay afloat. The answer was $40 a year per client. Charging that little, we’ll never be rich, but…we hope to be happy, and we hope you will be too.

This is the Bottom Line

Awesome Wyoming Registered Agent provides an awesome service for an awesome price: $40 a year. It’s silly not to hire us.

What You Get for that Whopping $40

  • One year of awesome Wyoming registered agent service
  • Secure, online account to monitor your business’ status
  • Free use of our address
  • Annual report reminders
  • Wyoming LLC and corporation formation expertise
LLC $240 Asset Protection Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started
Registered Agent $40 Best Price Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started
Corporation $240 No State Corporate Taxes Awesome Service Secure, Online Accounts Get Started